Varanasi To Have Clean and Green Cities Soon

DO YOU KNOW: Though India has the famous holy place Varanasi, it is also known for its tourism. Along with tourism, it has also got a wrong name that it is the dirtiest city which pollutes the lakes and lanes.

Here is a good news for the people in the Varanasi The government has now taken it upon themselves to clear up the mess and bring back the holiness in Varanasi.Varanasi

The Varanasi Nagar Nigam (VNN) has tie collaborated with the Airports Authority India (AAI) to acquaint an automated waste collection system, according to Mint. On Wednesday, March 30, the two government bodies signed the contract that could revolutionise waste management in the city.

In its pilot phase, the automated waste collection drive will be launched in 14 wards of the city, for three years

The wards chosen are those on the ghats of the river Ganga, with a huge population of about 1.1 lakh people.

The program will be technically supported by the urban development ministry and financially by AAI as a part of corporate social responsibility2804145-india-indian-indians-people-varanasi-ganges-holy-river-holy-ganges-river-buildings-houses-building-house-stairs-colours-festival-water-dirt-dirty-ghats-cremation

Joint secretary Praveen Prakash of the urban development ministry announced the tie-up and plans to extend the project to other cities besides Varanasi. He said to The Daily Pioneer,

“The holy city is popular amongst tourists and has a lot of footfall, making it even more difficult yet important for VNN to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.”

The daily waste percentage produced by the city is nearly 650 metric tons. An inefficient solid waste management system along with overpopulation and lack of access to sanitation facilities had placed Varanasi at the 65th spot in 2015, out of the 73 cities surveyed by Swachh Survekshan, courtesy the urban development ministry. It fell from its 59th spot in 2014.

The merchandising system includes sweeping and clearing the waste manually. The automated waste collection system will include door-to-door waste collection and transport to waste plants. Here, the waste will be segregated and processed according to its type.