MEDICINE BANK -Meet The Man Who Begs for Medicines!

DO YOU KNOW: A small little house in the streets of Delhi and a person in it with financial problems and physical disabilities. Generally such people expect some help from the others but here the story is totally different!MB

” I visit every lane and every house in Manglapuri from to collect the leftover medicine from them and distribute it to the poor,” says Omkarnath Sharma popularly known as ‘Medicine Baba’

He is a man who collects leftover medicines with a selfless objective of helping the needy.d

You find this man in roaming in the streets of Manglapuri which is in Delhi with a Saffron attire and a printed message on it saying, “09250243298: Mobile Medicine Bank, Thanks for your kind coordination Omkar Nath; Help for Medicine Bank; Raahat Hi Raahat”, and he calls out shrilly, much like the itinerant hawkers who peddle vegetables, “Ghar mein padi bekaar dawaiyaan de de, garibon ke kaam aaiye (Give old medicines lying at home, help the poor people)”.Medicine-Baba-1

Sharma started this philanthropic service since 2008, when he saw a Delhi Metro construction worker, injured after a bridge fell on him, die due to lack of medicines.

People who are in need of medicines but can’t afford them will turn up every evening at Sharma’s home with a prescription and Sharma who worked as a lab technician distributes it to them.medicine-baba

“They bring prescriptions with them and we give the medicine. If we don’t have the same brand, we give another with the same active ingredient,” he says.

Such people keep inspiring people! Hope his thought becomes a revolution!