Love Interview in Train by Kethan Sagar – Part#3

Continued  from Part#2:

I: Okay, good night baby…. :)

I woke up so early with smiling face not because today morning is beautiful, but it’s going to be more memorable day because I am going to see her.

That face, chasing me day and night. The eye follows my way everywhere. And finally the day arrives to see her. Yes, I am going to meet her today.

As time goes slow, I am waiting for her message past 3 hours. We haven’t decided the place where we were going to meet last night as she told me to wait for her message.

The beep sound of my phone’s message rang.  I ran to my phone and it was her message.  “A very Good Morning J See you in Coffee talk café at 11. Bye”

I read this message thrice as I do not believe the time arrived.

It’s already 10 o’clock and don’t have enough time. I have to rush.Photo1


I took my favorite white shirt and blue jeans and starts getting ready to impress her as this will going to be our first official date.

As my destination is a bit far from my place, it’s a little hard to get the autos. My fortunate I got one within my time frame.

Now within few minutes I am going to see her. I texted her message “I am on my way, going to be there within 30 minutes.J” Soon I get same response “me too”. I started day dreaming about her. What She is going to be dressed, which color, what I am going to talk, does she like my dress, should I take some gift for her. I am getting nervous, many thoughts running in my mind as I am so eager and excited to meet her.

Then suddenly my auto stopped.  I asked auto driver – “what happen?” He told me that 2 other auto drivers were fighting, because of that there is too much of a traffic jam.

Shit…!! Bad luck. The road is fully jammed there is no place to move. Soon I paid him and started walking. As I have to reach my point within time.

After walking around 1 km I got one more auto that is ready to get me ride. I am looking my watch and onto my way simultaneously. Oh God. No more strategy please. I am already late. She is waiting for me.

Finally, I reached on my time, my thanks to auto driver to get me here in right time. I took a deep breath and started walking.  Suddenly I heard a voice calling my name ‘Karan’. My heart started beating faster and faster as the voice is familiar.

I turned and saw her. That movement I was like I skipped a beat. There she is, wearing a pink dress looking like an angle. Her eyes are sparkling. (Oh no… she is looking so gorgeous. I don’t know what that feeling is but Stop talking to you. Be normal. I said to myself).

Karan: Hi… (A blushing smile on my face)

Divya: Hi Karan (with sweet voice and same as my blushing face).

I: Let’s go inside.

Divya: sure.

As we both entered together for the first time in “Coffee talk”. We find one vacant table. As the café shop was full with the couples only.

Karan: please sit.

Divya: yeah.

There is a silent for while in our table. Divya, herself broke the silence.

Divya: so Karan.

Karan: yes Divya.

Divya: nice shirt.

Karan: thank you. (I was in seventh heaven, as I want to say this all I had done is for you only my dear.) , you are too looking so pretty in pink dress. Pink suits you.

D: Thank you.

And then suddenly.

Pooja: Hello guys… I’m here.

Karan: Oh… (Unexpected) Hi Pooja. How are you doing?

Pooja: yeah… I’ m great.

For a while my mind stops working. Too many questions were arising.  What Pooja is doing here? I think this is our date, then why Divya called her. I am not getting whether she told Pooja about us or not? And she started acting like she was speaking to me after a long time. I was in confusing state what to say and what not to say. Girls are always do like this.Photo2

Meanwhile we ordered cappuccino and some snacks for us. And again our conversation came in normal mode. Both the girls were started talking about their dress and all. And I was focusing to my Divya, how pretty she is looking today. Whenever I saw to Divya, Pooja snatches my eye contact. I stop seeing her and started looking around the other couples.

Seeing other couples in love and happy, holding each other’s hand. (Wahoo…! I want to feel the same feeling). And thinking, it would be nice if only I and Divya would be there. Might be the feeling that is hidden came here for each other.

We were done with coffee and Pooja started asking me about my hobbies…!

Pooja: So, Karan what are your hobbies…?

Karan: hmm… listing songs, Reading books & sometimes singing too…!

Pooja: Oh… You Sing…?

Karan: Ha-ha… Not Well…!

Pooja: Okay, then now Sing a Song for us… 😉

I: What:-o, Nope… I cannot sing now. But, what are your Hobbies…? (I changed the topic ;-))

Pooja: I usually hangout with my friends as I stay in Hostel, So no problem for me.

Karan: Oh. I see, (I & Pooja were talking but Divya was sitting silently, why she is so silent. Doesn’t she like that I am talking to her friend only)

Then I asked So, Divya what are your hobbies…?  (I know what her hobbies, but as she was acting like she met me after a long time, I too was doing the same).

Divya: hmm… I like dancing, reading books & Listening Songs.

Karan: WOW…That’s great you like dancing…? (She haven’t told me about her dance before)

Pooja: Yes, She learned classical dance about 3years when she was in Eighth standard & she got many prize’s for it in her school also.

Karan: Oh… really?

Divya: Yes.

Karan: That’s so nice of you.

Divya: Hmmm…

It was 2:00 Pm. (Why Divya is so silent. Does she feel the same as I am? “To be alone looking into each other, holding hands. Oh. God please do something”).

Pooja: So, I think we have to leave now.

Divya: Yes. We are getting late.

I: Okay… (No…no…But said okay with some down face as I met her after a long time and want to some more time. I haven’t seen her properly.)

Pooja: ok, bye Karan.

Divya: Okay bye Karan….

I: Bye … Divya… bye Pooja…

She took her bike.  And I shake hands with them; don’t want to leave her hand. But Pooja was observing us. After that I took auto and began towards my home…suddenly my phone started ringing I was no were interested to attend any call because I was in mood off. But when I see my phone that was Divya I lifted the call then she said Sorry… & fare thee well. Also, and she cut the call.

I was happy that she called me which means she has seen my sad feeling. Then I went home & was so… Happy because I met Divya, my whole day was great.

After coming I was in her dream only. Rewinding my day how she is looking at me, how she is smiling, how she rolls her hair, her eyes speaking to me.

At 9pm. I got a call from her. (Till now we don’t know any personal details about each other though we were talked since some days), But after meeting me, I don’t know what she felt she told about Her Parents as she is staying with her Aunt’s home. Since her Sixth standard as her parents were busy with their Business they didn’t have time for their children. She had one youthful sibling who also stays in her Aunt’s home.

I felt sorry about her. Then I asked her why did you not told me at the first day we started talking? (She doesn’t trust me or we haven’t come that much closer)

Divya: I haven’t thought of telling you…. about at that time.

I: Then why are you telling me know?

Divya: Don’t know I felt like telling you.

I: hm. Okay so, don’t worry I’m there with you… from now ;-): D: D

Divya: Ha-ha… really…?

I: Yes, really….!(She might think that I am joking, but actually I mean it)

Divya: So… funny… What else?Photo3


I: hmm… Nothing much…, But I have one Question for You…!

Divya: oh. Tell me…  what is that.

I: Do you have any Dreams which you want to make true?

Divya: Hmmm……… Yes, I want to get a good Job & settle in my life & make my parents proud and… I want to go for a long Drive… in rain. That’s it…

I: Oh… that’s a sweet dream….! (hope I will be part of her dream).

Divya: So, What about You.? What are your dreams?

I: Hmmm… I have been so passionate about singing for many years want to perform on a big stage. & socially a good Job too…!

Divya: Oh. Really hmm…! that’s so nice of you. Don’t worry your dreams will come true.

I: Hmm… Hope So…, But Your dreams will definitely become true.

Divya: How ?

I: I’m there Nah…. 😉

Divya: HA-HA… hmmm…!

She was so happy with me…, as I was with her, But then she suddenly cut the call.