Google Comes with its New Technology

TECH NEWS: The google has come up with a brand new technology

Chromecast makes android screens bigger i.e; turns small screen to large screen.

So we can enjoy small view into a bigger one. As the name suggests, Chromecast is a digital media player developed by

The size of this device is 2.83 inch (72mm). It is a HDMI dongle that gives you full entertainment by playing audio/video and apps on a high definition TV or other HD display by directly catching it online via Wi-Fi from the internet or local network using android device as its controller.

The chrome cast can be streamed by two methods to your television; the first using mobile and web apps that supports Google cast technology and second one by focusing the page that runs on your local PC or android device but in both the cases, playback is started by ‘cast’ button on the controlling device.

There are so many popular apps which have tied up with chromecast technology that can be displayed on your large screen using chromecast. Some of the popular apps include Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, ESPN and Pandora. Some other companies also showing interest in chromecast may join this technology later at the end of this year. So, if you are among those who love to watch a lot of TV on your Smartphone, or irritate when see online TV on your small screen phone then chromecast offers an elegant solution to your problem. Another interesting part is that you don’t need for a separate remote as its controller as it can be controlled by any android device or tablet that you handle properly.