10 Reasons Why She Stopped Texting Back!

So, you hit it off with a girl online and just when you thought things were going well, she suddenly stopped texting. Here you lay, in your bed, constantly checking your phone wondering why she’s not been responding. You’ve caught her online too, she’s updated her display picture, liked and commented on people’s photographs but hasn’t even seen your message. How is that even possible? Is she ignoring you? Maybe! Maybe not. Here are 15 reasons why she ‘didn’t find the time’ to text you back.

1. Okay, this may hurt. But it’s most probably because you cannot hold a conversation. You either have nothing interesting to contribute to the conversation or you’re just Plain boring.reasons-why-she-rsquo-s-not-texting-you-back1-1459422744

2. Bad grammar. Instant turn off. No matter how good looking or funny you may be, if you don’t know the difference between you’re and your, online dating is going to be hard, bro.bad-grammar-makes-me-sic

3. You know what makes women run away faster? tYpIn LyK dI$.friend-zone-2

4. You’re taking too many screenshots of her Snapchats and it is creeping her out.reasons-why-she-rsquo-s-not-texting-you-back980-1459422708_980x457

5. You’re stalking her way too much. Most girls like attention, but that doesn’t mean you go overboard and like her pictures from 2001. Don’t scroll so far down her timeline that even the dinosaurs come alive.2CB6A9C300000578-3247579-image-a-5_1443102581668

6. You’ve been contacting Mutual friends and trying to get details about her. There’s only little you can do to redeem yourself after this.aid151554-728px-End-a-Relationship-Without-Losing-Mutual-Friends-Step-6

7. You’re too persistent, almost bordering onto being a creep. You don’t know when to stop. You’re pursuing her way beyond her comfort zone. You may have had a great first conversation but you probably ruined it all by asking her out every single night since then.reasons-why-she-rsquo-s-not-texting-you-back800-1459422662

8. You’ve been spamming her with too many messages. What’s worse than a creepy guy? A creepy guy who doesn’t get the hint. If she hasn’t replied to a message, sending her 10 more messages is definitely not going to help your case.notifiche

9. She probably doesn’t find your jokes funny. And it’s a put off to talk to someone who has a bad sense of humour but still constantly tries to be funny.texplainthejoke

10. You’re sexist and it shows in the way you talk about women, how you see her and the jokes you crack. If you told her that she’s really funny for a girl or called a girl a bitch casually, consider this game lost.mesexist